Sunday, 16 January 2011

My Jewelery Collection

Around about 10 years ago, I found my passion to make jewelery. I did a few trials using scrap fabric, feathers, beads, buttons and ribbons.
When I went to visit my family in Indonesia 8 years ago, I mentioned to them that I would like to start making jewelery. My parents took me to Jakarta Gems Centre, and it was a jewelery makers paradise. So many beads to choose from, wooden beads, semi precious stones, gemstones, crystals, pearls, and different kinds of beads.
I felt like I was in heaven, my creative juices were flowing, different ideas and designs.
And that's when I decided that I want to use these kinds of materials to make jewelery.  I love the natural colours, the texture and the weight of different stones and the sparkly sparks that crystals gave under the lights. I love the sophistication of pearls and I love the different textures, size and colours that wooden beads have.
Most of the beads that I have used comes from Jakarta Gems Centre.
I have done a few collections since then, and sold them all.  Most people like the semi precious stones and crystals together.

For my latest collection, I have decided to include glass beads (which I have never used before).
All the beads were purchased from Indonesia on my recent trip there.

While my brother was with us during Christmas, he kindly used his camera to take few pictures of my latest jewelery collections.

I hope you enjoy my jewelery creations, please let me know if you like them.
This jewelery is available for sale.

Monochrome necklace and bracelet
Grey crystal bracelet and necklace
Turquoise crystal bracelet and necklace
Blue crystal necklace and bracelet
Freshwater pearl necklace
Freshwater pearl necklace
Semi precious stone necklace
Blue crystal bracelet and earring
Floating blue crystal necklace and earring

Blue and white crystal necklace and bracelet
Red and black necklace
Monochrome crystal necklace and bracelet
Jade crystal necklace and bracelet
Pink pearl crystal necklace and bracelet
Floating pink crystal necklace and earring
Green crystal necklace and bracelet
Turquoise blue crystal necklace and bracelet
Green crystal pearl necklace and bracelet

If you would like to order any of my jewelry, please email me.

Big thank you to Torkis for taking a really nice picture of my jewelery.